Aug 20, 2014
Aug 20, 2014
Aug 20, 2014
Aug 17, 2014

How I Met Your Mother - A Long Road


Aug 17, 2014
Aug 17, 2014
Aug 15, 2014
Today, I ripped you from my mouth
like the bitterest apology I’ve ever given.
I washed you off of my skin, watched the last of you
disappear down the shower drain.
Today, I made a choice
not to set fire to the person I was when you loved me,
not to burn myself to the ground
just to see if you’d come running to the flames.
Today, I stared down the morning until my eyes
burned like suns.
I left the house.
I wore a black dress that hugged my hips
like they would never have to apologize
for their vastness again.
I tore you from my hands, picked the splinters out
with a pair of tweezers, one by one.
I wore red lipstick and stained all my coffee cups with
my own mouth.
I looked in mirrors and smiled.
I walked to the park and
cried watching baby ducklings follow their mother
into the water for the first time.
I got drunk with my friends and didn’t bring
you up once.
I danced under the streetlights and kissed a stranger
who tasted nothing like you.
I went home alone and slept for twelve hours.
I didn’t see you painted on the
inside of my eyelids like the ceiling of
an abandoned cathedral.
I didn’t break a single dish in my house.
I showered until all the hot water was gone
and, my God, I was so brave,
to keep going without you.
To dig through the layers of you
and find myself glowing,
no longer the moth, but the light, itself.
I was so brave to get left by you
and not fall to pieces.
to get left by you and not fall at all.
Caitlyn Siehl, Left (via alonesomes)

(via somewhereoncoastlines)

Aug 13, 2014
Aug 12, 2014

Never leave someone who touches your soul more than your body.


Never leave someone who touches your soul more than your body.

Aug 12, 2014
Dear future girlfriend,
I want to be your hero; someone that you can count on even during the most desperate times. Though I don’t have a cape, I won’t hesitate to fly to you. So even if there is a time when the world forces us to part ways, know that I’ll fight for what we have. I want to be your hero. Even though I don’t have the power to read your mind, that doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop trying. I will listen to the words that you speak and attempt to decipher them so that one day I’ll be able to read you like a book. I will learn to hold you close and to kiss your forehead before your tears even have a chance to spill over your beautiful lashes. And though I may not have superhuman strength, I hope that you give me the chance to be strong for you. I want to be the rock that you lean on and the person that you trust. I want to be your hero. And because I do not have the power of immortality, I will never take a day for granted with you. You will be my first thought in the morning and my last at night. You will invade my dreams and I will proudly admit that my mind is completely consumed by the thought of you. Dear future girlfriend, I want to be your hero. And I want your lips to be my kryptonite.
L.L. (via girls-and-snapbacks)
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